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Living your best life or being a good parent isn’t simple anymore!

At Balanced Brain we are not content to survive, we want you to thrive by accessing your full potential.

We start with a full assessment so that we can effectively design a bespoke plan of action. 

This will work to your specific strengths, offering solutions with real, measurable change in physical and emotional wellness as well as school or job performance and resilience in tough times.


Classrooms don’t work for everyone. Our children deserve to be considered as an individual and have the learning process adapt to their way of taking in and remembering information. Engaging their interests and the topics that get them excited to learn, when teaching concepts that could be quite mundane in a classroom environment.

Improving Academics

There are a number of possibilities to consider when learners are not achieving well at school. Rather than guess, we will assess each individual to establish where your child needs support. We will consider the symptoms that are causing you concern (Impulse control, Hyperactivity, Anxiety, Lack of motivation etc.) as well as the academic red flags that your child’s teacher may be concerned about (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, and ADD/ADHD, Coordination, Motor skills, Midline crossing, etc.) This is not a one size fits all, rather helping your child to reach their full potential.


Putting skills into practice takes more than an introduction to the idea, it takes application. We listen to the families we serve and develop opportunities for the children and the family supporting them, to develop a better understanding and gain a set of skills to make the challenges in their household a thing of the past. We run courses on topics such as Study Skills, Confidence Building, How to motivate your child, Building Resilience and Parenting Masterclasses.

Family Support

Every family goes through periods of change. Learning to adapt to the next phase that their family is experiencing can require support from a professional to consider the values that are important to your family and how each member of the family can adapt, while all feeling considered and accommodated. This process can be done on an individual basis or as a family, it all depends on your unique situation.

Personality Testing

Brain Dominance Profiling is an invaluable tool used to determine how individuals are uniquely ‘wired’. We are able to determine how a person functions, identify and understand their strengths and areas of development and explain what happens to their overall functioning under emotional stress (anxiety).

A Little About Me

I have committed the last 25 years to finding solutions to the barriers that stop us from becoming the best version of ourselves, whether you are 5 or 85, ensuring that we have the best possible chance of success in life.

Many years of partnering with specialists and doctors, studying and exploring various methodologies and treatments has equipped me to achieve results faster by letting you know what works, keeping you informed of new strategies, and helping you stay motivated and self-disciplined.


Whatever your challenge is, I can offer you the chance to get to know your own strengths and help you assess where you may need the guidance and a plan in order to thrive.

I am sincerely sorry that you are struggling, but I am excited to help you find the answers that you need.


B Ed(Special Needs)


•Front-line Trauma Responder

•Primitive Reflex Therapist

•NLP Therapist

•CBT Practitioner

•Educational Therapist

•Skills Development Facilitator

•Facilitator and Assessor


Dedicated To Education

5 - 12 Years

Kids Camp

Offering half day sessions where we work on the skills your child needs in order to excel academically and become a more competent and confident person.


Tailoring the course to your child, we set out to:

  • Relieve their personal stress symptoms
  • Address academics gaps
  • Build confidence and motivation
  • Work on solutions to social challenges
13 - 18 Years

Teen Toolbox

Offering weekly one-hour sessions where will work through the Emotional, Social and Executive Functioning Skills in order to empower teenagers.


Through Brain Dominance Profiling and Personality Testing, we help your teenager learn more about themselves. Their strengths and the areas that need more practice.


Tools that we use include Study Skills for academic achievement as well as Goal Setting, Planning Skills and Flexible thinking for Personal Development.


Parent Coaching

You don’t have to hope that “someday” things will magically improve on their own or panic that you’ve waited too long. If you’re ready to do the work, you can start heading in a new direction today.


If you knew how to create change in your family, you would do it!


Even if you’ve read tons of parenting books and tried every suggestion, sometimes it takes a personal connection to help you identify your triggers, work through the options, and make your parenting hopes and dreams a reality.

Executive Function Assessment

Executive function is a set of mental skills that we use every day to learn, work, and manage daily life. Trouble with executive function can make it hard to focus, follow directions, and handle emotions, among other things.

Symptoms may include:

  • Struggling to start or complete tasks
  • Trouble prioritising tasks
  • Forget what they just heard or read
  • Have trouble following a sequence of steps
  • Trouble switching focus from one task to another
  • Get overly emotional and fixate on things
  • Have trouble organising their thoughts
  • Have trouble keeping track of their belongings
  • Have trouble managing their time

Due to brain plasticity, many of the core cognitive abilities can be strengthened and developed through training, individualised to your needs.

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